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Theresa personifies RH Privé's commitment to the environment better than anyone else. That is why, for us, she is more than an ambassador; she is a role model.

From high performance,
to commitment to the environment

Theresa Zabell has the honour of being one of the six Spanish athletes who have won two Olympic gold medals.

Now, through the Ecomar Foundation, Theresa is trying to give back to the sea, part of what the sea has given her.

"Take care of the only two places you can never leave: your body and your planet"


A whole life

linked to the sea

Theresa’s professional career began at sea forty years ago. Today it is hard to imagine what it was like to learn to sail, aiming to compete at the highest level, when only a few women in the world were doing it. Four decades ago, being an Olympic champion seemed like an impossible dream, but Theresa has always been willing to fight for what does not yet exist, for a better future.

Being an elite athlete is not an ephemeral profession, it is a philosophy of life that would never leave her. The skills developed in such a challenging and changing environment as the sea have accompanied her in her professional career, focused on the defense of environmental sustainability, the care of people and the planet through education as well as institutional and corporate action.

Theresa has developed projects in leading international organizations. As a member of the European Parliament, she led the way to include sports in the Treaty of the European Union, negotiating at the highest level, as unanimity of the Member States is required. She established a great relationship with the IOC (International Olympic Committee) members from all around the world, to gain their confidence for Olympic bids and future competitions. She has managed, coordinated and supervised international sporting events and participated and worked on international relations in International Sports Forums. As an International Consultant for UNESCO, she established processes to be applied in different countries and liaised with governments involved in doping practices.

Her experience as an advisor in such diversified and demanding environments, which require outstanding communication skills, persuasion and strategic vision as well as flexibility and willingness to conduct constructive dialogue, have enabled her to transmit her knowledge in different forums. As a TEDx speaker, inspiring a new generation of conscious leaders; and as an expert ESG advisor, driving changes and strategic plans that build a sustainable future for corporations.

She is the founder and executive president of the Ecomar Foundation with more than 24 years of recognized and consolidated experience in the protection of the marine environment, leading the way for many newer associations that have followed her footsteps.

Thus, we join forces
RH Privé and the Ecomar Foundation

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A great team

My relationship with
RH Privé

It is not easy to find a company that shares the same values as a person like me. Companies are corporations that generally serve other interests, although there are exceptions and from time to time you come across companies that not only share your values, but make them the fundamental pillars of their projects.

RH Privé is always looking for ways to contribute more to society, focusing on the design phase to improve the subsequent recycling and circularity processes, optimising its performance in a sector that for decades has prioritised buildability over respect for biodiversity.

For me, the important thing about projects is not only the what, but also the how. Things can always be done differently and I am proud to be an ambassador for RH Privé, accompanying, supporting, advising and guiding them in the field of sustainability.

"To follow Theresa's example and to be able to share with her her passion for the sea and for the environment is a real pleasure and a source of pride for all of us."

Guillermo Rodríguez | CEO at RH Privé

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