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Where luxury, sustainability and attention to detail come together to create a new concept of home.

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About us

We are the leading eco luxury developer on the Costa del Sol.  Established in 2015, we specialise in new residential developments and unique work centres. In one of the most internationally demanded locations, the Costa del Sol, we offer sustainable luxury homes in the most desirable locations for our international clients.

At RH Privé we are dedicated to serving the community and society, fulfilling our mission with enthusiasm and honour, guided by our principles. We create value through the features of our products, and we strive to make a positive impact in every location we develop, earning the trust of all the stakeholders and communities with whom we collaborate.


What drives us
— Our values

Our commitments
— Sustainability Decalogue

Real sustainability

It's not what we say, it's what we do.

All this may sound like just words, but not to us.

Our commitment to sustainable development is always translated into action.

Here you can see in detail everything we do to fulfill it.

Our team

A multidisciplinary team
- Focused on you

At RH Privé we have a professional team specialised in the real estate sector, allowing us to provide a complete service to our clients and partners:

  • Architecture and design
  • Project management
  • Technical and quality management
  • Construction management
  • Client services
  • Marketing
  • Finance and administration
  • Sales
  • Legal assistance
  • Operations and sustainability
  • Maintenance
  • HR

Our history


The beginning of a great story

In the early 90’s, Guillermo Rodriguez, father of our CEO, buys the land to found Reserva del Higuerón, one of the most renowned luxury communities on the Costa del Sol.


From parents to sons

The Rodríguez brothers, together with their father, begin with the project and planning of this community, designing a luxury community with all types of services and security.


First of many

We deliver the first homes in Reserva del Higuerón.


More than 400 homes

We develop more than 400 homes (single-family, semi-detached and multi-family) consolidating the Reserva del Higuerón community in the market as the benchmark it is today.

We also develop all the services that our owners now have access to: Security, health and wellness spa, and sport club, promoting padel and contributing definitively to the status that this sport boasts today on the Costa del Sol.


Beyond luxury

The official opening of one of the leading health and wellness spas on the Costa del Sol. At this moment, this opening is the first of its kind in the south of Spain, as there is no other spa with the services and the size it offers.

It was a risky bet, only supported by the goal of providing the best to this luxury community.


Reserva del Higuerón Privé

Reserva del Higuerón Privé is born. Guillermo Rodríguez, co-founder of the Reserva del Higuerón community, decides to create his new luxury real estate development company.


The new brand

We launched the first developments under this new brand.


Continued development

Construction of the developments begins and the first homes are delivered.


With our partners

We launched what has become one of our most iconic developments: Stupa Hills.

Our first collaborative project with partners, Stupa Hills became a complete success in the market, with 4 phases built and delivered. So much so, that a second launch in the same area is currently being planned.


More than housing

We completed and delivered our first office building: RH Privé Work Center| Altos de Higuerón.


We don't stop

During the pandemic, we continued working and launching the developments that will crown the Reserva del Higuerón complex: Seaviews Reserve, Peninsula Villas, The Bay and Carat, our flagship project.

These developments complete the urbanisation plan developed in the 90s.


RH Privé Estates

RH Privé Estates is born.

Due to the volume developed, the interest of the market, and the international demand, Our commercial agency is constituted, allowing us to give service to the commercial agents and direct clients under strict quality standards.


RH Privé

Reserva del Higuerón Privé expands its boundaries by launching Reserva del Chaparral, with the developments of Pine Valley Villas and The Line, a new community that promises to raise the standard of luxury, sustainability and quality of Reserva del Higuerón in the Chaparral area of La Cala de Mijas.

We also start to develop a second collaboration with partners in the area around Mijas Pueblo, Mijas Seaviews.

The brand Reserva del Higuerón Privé becomes RH Privé due to this territorial expansion.


A new Work Center

We continue to expand our areas of action with the purchase of new plots. We are expanding our Work Center business line with the upcoming launch of  the RH Privé Work Center| Higuerón Playa, which will be one of the office buildings closest to the sea, with enviable views.


And from now on...

From now on, you too can write part of our story. We are happy to be part of yours.

We love teamwork

Since 2018 we have been collaborating with partners on specific projects. Our partners’ different points of view, together with our experience and vision, allow us to launch successful projects on the market that have become great best-sellers.

Projects with partners

2 projects


+548.000 sqm


€ 140.000.000

Stupa Hills

The location of Stupa Hills is very special and probably the best in Benalmadena.  It is a balcony looking onto the Mediterranean Sea with an aura of powerful energy, as it is situated beside the Buddhist Enlightenment Stupa.

A new home concept that will help you revive your senses.

At RH Privé we would like to invite you to a new lifestyle, a home where dreaming and sensing will be predominant.  Welcome to Stupa Hills.


3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms + toilet
Open-plan kitchen

Video intercom
Community pools

Mijas Seaviews

Mijas Seaviews relies on sustainability as an elemental part of the project.

The use of waterfall gardens as an architectural element to ensure the privacy of its inhabitants confirms that the design of this development is truly remarkable.



20 apartments
5 penthouses

20 Apartamentos
5 Áticos
2 Sky Villas

Guillermo Rodríguez,

CEO at RH Privé

Cum Laude B.A. in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. Councillor of Urban Planning of the Town Council of Fuengirola during two legislatures, and president of Reserva del Higuerón for 15 years (2000-2015). Family man, with four daughters and a deep love of the sea.

Letter from the CEO

for what we do

RH Privé was born out of the need to provide a service of excellence to our clients, where sustainability, quality and exclusivity are our mantra.

We specialise in complete urban developments, where the communal environment is as important as the home itself.

Through quality and a firm commitment to innovation in construction techniques and cutting-edge technologies, we focus on designing more sustainable buildings and communities, controlling the impact on the land and transforming it into a positive effect.

We add value to an already premium site, with exclusive and unique locations.

We take care of all aspects of the project to add value to the quality of life of our owners, taking special care in the design of the buildings, green areas and community services. We create a global product that caters to the needs of our most discerning international clients.

Welcome to eco luxury development on the Costa del Sol.